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The Bookstore is located in the South end of the Mabee Student Center.

Bookstore Hours:
Monday: 8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday - Friday: 7:45 am - 5 pm
Saturday for special events only
Closed on National holidays
Closed to students during Tuesday’s Chapel services and Thursday’s Life Groups.

Contact Information
P: 417-626-1207 
F: 417-626-1204 

The College Bookstore is here primarily to serve the college students, faculty and staff. It carries all the tools needed in the educational process. Such as a complete line of essential study items, textbooks, paper supplies and Christian computer software. Also available are Christian music CDs, books, greeting cards, general Christian books, gift items, OCC garments, and personal care items. We also provided UPS shipping services to our college family and we sell US postage stamps, when the Mail Center is closed. In addition, personal checks up to $50.00 may be cashed. Students must present their student ID to cash checks.

The Textbook room is located on the lower level, under the main Bookstore area. Textbooks are available to be purchased from two weeks before the beginning of classes until the 10th week of classes. Some required printing and late textbooks may not be available until enrollment time. The textbook room is set up alphabetically by course number. You will need to know your class schedule and course numbers to purchase your textbooks. Therefore, Fall semester freshman students must complete the enrollment process prior to purchasing textbooks.