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Frontline is an auditioned team of OCC students that travels throughout the country leading worship at churches and youth events.  The team is also equipped to perform concerts and provide worship team training for churches and youth teams. From leading worship in chapel services, to traveling two weekends each month and eight weeks each summer, Frontline has led thousands of people in dynamic worship experiences through music.

Their newest CD, "Chapel" was recorded live during OCC chapel services in the spring of 2014. It is available for sale in the OCC Bookstore, through the Frontline website, and through iTunes and other digital music distributors.

The current summer tour is May 30 - July 25 and is open for bookings. Frontline is also available for bookings in the spring of the 2014-2015 school year.

As an educational tool for OCC students, involvement in Frontline provides an unparalleled training experience for worship leadership and pastoral ministry.  Members of the team rehearse four hours a week and travel two weekends a month serving the church.  The musicianship, teamwork, and spiritual maturity required for the Frontline experience are tremendous building blocks for vocational ministry.  Team members have the opportunity to work with the latest audio and video production equipment and gain valuable experience in worship leading in congregations large and small.

For more information about Frontline Auditions click here.

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