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Christian Service

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We exist to connect students with opportunities to serve the Kingdom of God.

Serving others is a natural result of our faith. Your involvement in Christian Service as a college student will help bridge your classroom learning with real-world experiences. Your participation will not only help others, it will also help you discover your interests and gifts.

When it comes to training for life and ministry, a commitment to Christian Service is just as important as academics and character development.

What is Christian Service?

Partnering with area churches, parachurch organizations and community organizations in order to bring the gospel in both word and deed throughout the whole world.

Any actions we take that get the focus off of ourselves and onto the people Christ wants us to serve.

What is the Christian Service Program at OCC?

Christian Service is a no-credit, pass-fail course (CS1110) that every student taking 8 or more hours must take.

Throughout each semester, students must report their Christian Service by completing the Christian Service Accountability Report. 


Places to Serve:

The Ministry Center is regularly contacted about new service opportunities from our community. Feel free to stop by the Ministry Center Office (located in the Administration Building) or email for opportunities. Students can also check the Christian Service bulletin boards posted around campus. At the beginning of each school year, OCC holds an annual Community Volunteer Expo. Here students can meet with over 70 local churches and organizations to get connected with them.


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