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The Learning Center

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Learning Center LogoWhat is The Learning Center?

The Learning Center (LC) exists to help all OCC students succeed academically by providing supplementary academic assistance, writing support, resources, and special needs accommodation. Peer tutoring for all Ozark Christian College courses and writing support are free of charge. We are located in the lower level of the Seth Wilson Library (L12).

Learning Center: Services 

Learning Center Services

The LC is staffed by peer tutors who can provide free academic support and assistance to any OCC students enrolled in any OCC class. Peer tutors can help students study for a test, practice memory work, review class notes, and brush up on other academic skills (reading, time management, goal setting, etc.).

Writing Support
The LC offers free writing support to all OCC students. Peer tutors are available for 30-minute, face-to-face sessions and can work with students at any stage of the writing process. Students can make appointments for assistance with brainstorming paper topics, revising thesis language, organizing and developing ideas, refining rough drafts, polishing grammar and punctuation, or formatting bibliographic material and footnotes.

Testing Center
Missed tests, quizzes, and memory work can be made up in the LC. Please see your syllabi for specific instructions regarding make-up work. Any applicable late fees are to be paid in the Business Office, and the receipt presented to the Learning Center staff before make-up work can be completed.

Hours of Operation

Monday  10 am -12 pm,  1 - 6 pm 
Tuesday  11 am -12 pm,  1 - 6 pm
Wednesday    1 - 6 pm 
Thursday  11 am -12 pm,  1 - 6 pm 
Friday    1 - 5 pm  

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Contact Information

You can contact the LC at 417-626-1234 ext. 2725 or by email at LearningCenter@occ.edu. You can also "like" The Learning Center at Ozark on Facebook to stay informed of appointment openings, online resources, and tips for academic success.

Learning Center: Facilities 

Learning Center Staff

2013-14 School Year

Scheuermann, Jessica  Jessica Scheuermann, Director
Jessica works as both the Director of the Learning Center and as an instructor of Composition and Study Skills classes. When she’s not working in the LC or teaching a class, you might find her reading Annie Dillard, Jane Austen, or John Milton, or you just may find her baking up a storm in her kitchen. Jessica lives in Webb City with her husband, Ryan, and her son, Joshua. 
Deyoe, Lyndsey 2  Lyndsey Deyoe, Learning Center Assistant
Lyndsey is the administrative assistant for the LC, and she manages our front desk. She is a junior working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry with a specialization in Administrative Ministry. Even though Lyndsey expertly handles her office duties, she also loves to get outdoors and enjoys going camping.  
Davis, Brianna  Brianna Davis, Learning Center Tutor
Bri is a peer tutor who can help students with academic tutoring and writing support. Bri is a junior working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry with a double major of Bible and Intercultural studies. She is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and is thrilled when she gets a chance to watch them play at Busch Stadium. 
Hart, Seth  Seth Hart, Writing Support Tutor
Seth is a peer tutor who specializes in helping students with their writing. He is a fourth-year student working toward a Bachelor of Theology in New Testament. Seth is a fan of baseball, whether he’s playing or cheering on his favorite team. Go Cardinals! 
Mueller, Daniel 

Daniel Mueller, Learning Center Tutor
Daniel is a peer tutor who can help students with academic tutoring and writing support. Daniel is in the final year of his studies for a Bachelor of Theology in New Testament. Even though music isn’t part of his degree requirements, Daniel is a talented pianist and enjoys the chances he gets to play the piano.


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Learning Center: Books 

Study Skills Classes

Through the Study Skills courses and the LC staff, students are equipped, encouraged, and mentored academically to succeed at Ozark Christian College. (See FAQs for the conditions requiring enrollment in Study Skills.)

Study Skills 1: This course specifically helps new and returning students to develop the following academic skills: goal setting, time management, reading, note taking, memorization, test taking, research, and writing.

Study Skills 2: This course is designed to equip returning students on academic probation with self-management skills that will allow them to critically examine self-perceptions, values, and decision-making habits in order to improve motivation, personal responsibility, and organizational skills.

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Learning Center: Bible 


FAQs for General LC Services 

Do I need to make an appointment to meet with a tutor?
It’s not required, but it is recommended. An appointment secures your spot with a tutor. We are happy to take walk-ins if we have open spots on our schedule.
I made an appointment but then forgot to come. How can I reschedule?
Just call the LC Assistant at 417-626-1234 ext. 2725 or stop by the LC, and we will be happy to set up a new time for you.
If I’m running late, how long will you hold my spot for me?
We can only hold your spot for 10 minutes. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you will need to reschedule.
How long are tutoring appointments?
Most sessions last 30 minutes, but you can schedule an hour-long session if you would like to.
Why do I have to bring my student ID with me?
We ask all students using LC services to log-in using their ID cards. Our touch screen computer screen helps us keep accurate records of LC use.
Can the LC print out a paper for me?
No. But you can take a memory stick up to the computers in the Library and print from there. The printer is located behind the circulation desk, and there is a charge for printing.
Does the LC provide paper or pens or GradeMasters?
No. You will need to bring these supplies with you when you come to the LC. You may purchase those items in the school bookstore.
I have been granted a testing accommodation. Where do I go to take my tests?
Either call the LC or come by to schedule an appointment to take the test. Depending on your specific accommodation you will be given extra testing time and/or a test reader.

FAQs for Study Skills 

My admissions paperwork says that I am required to take Study Skills. Why?
New students who meet two of the following conditions will be enrolled in Study Skills and will be limited to taking 13 credit hours.
1. ACT (composite)—17 or below
2. ACT (English)—17 or below
3. High school or college (for transfers)—GPA of less than 2.50.
Why are some returning students required to take Study Skills?
If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 1.670 during the first 59 earned hours or 2.000 once 60 hours are earned, he/she will be placed on Academic Warning. While on Academic Warning, the student will be required to take Study Skills and will be limited to taking 13 credit hours.
Is Study Skills like a regular college course?
Yes and no. You enroll for Study Skills just like any other course, you will receive credit for Study Skills, and you are expected to attend class and complete the assignments given by the instructor. However, Study Skills only meets as a class for part of the semester, and it also has a requirement of weekly tutoring with our peer tutors in the LC.

FAQs for Academic Tutoring 

Do I have to pay for tutoring?
No. It’s completely free for all Ozark students and any Ozark class.
I’m not in Study Skills, but I would like to meet with a tutor. Is that allowed?
Definitely! We are here for all Ozark students! Call the LC or come by to schedule an appointment with one of our peer tutors.
I don’t need tutoring every week, so can I just see a tutor when I need help with an assignment?
Absolutely! While some students want to meet with our tutors on a weekly basis, we love to help students with individual assignments or projects or academic skills, too. Just let us know when you schedule your appointment what you would like assistance with.
What should I bring with me to my tutoring appointment?
We recommend bringing the assignment or project that you would like assistance with. We also recommend that you bring your instructor’s syllabus and any notes you have taken in class. Our peer tutors will use those to set the course for the session. If you need help with course reading material, we also recommend bringing your course textbook with you. You may also want to bring pens or pencils and paper or your laptop with you to the appointment.
I’m working on my Principles of Interp project, and I need someone to look at it. Can I bring the whole thing in?
We would strongly urge you to get help on your Principles project throughout the semester. We aren’t really able to provide feedback on an entire project, but we would be more than happy to help you with items such as an individual word study or research for historical context.

FAQs for Writing Support 

Do I have to pay for someone to help me with my paper?
No. It’s completely free for all Ozark students.
Can I just drop my paper off for proofreading?
Sorry, but no. We can’t help you improve your writing skills if we are just making correction marks on your paper. We set up face-to-face sessions because students become better writers when they have a chance to discuss their writing with and get feedback from someone else.
What should I bring to my appointment?
Obviously, you will want to bring your paper with you—in whatever form it is in (rough draft, handwritten notes on scratch paper, final draft, etc.) Please bring your professor’s assignment guidelines for the paper you are working on; this helps us tailor our feedback to the specific assignment you are working on. You may also want to bring a pen or pencil and some paper to take notes on as you work with the tutor.
Can you tell me what grade you think I will get on my paper?
No. Only your instructor can do that.
Why did the LC staff recommend an hour-long session for my paper?
We find that most students who are working on 2-7 page papers can have their writing concerns addressed in about 25-30 minutes. However, for longer papers, it may take you and the tutor closer to an hour to work through your concerns. Remember that part of your session will simply be spent reading through the paper.

FAQs for Make-up Tests and Test Proctoring 

Can I pay the $5 test make-up fee in the LC?
No. You will need to pay this fee in the Business Office and bring us the receipt as proof of payment. You may pay the Business Office with cash, check, or debit card. You cannot charge the fee to your student account.
Do I have to pay the $5 fee for memory quizzes?
No. There is no charge for memory work.
I’m taking an online Ozark class, and the instructor says I need to find a proctor for the exams. Can you do that?
Yes. Inform your professor that you would like to take your exams in the LC. Oftentimes, the professor will contact us with the necessary testing information and passwords. You will need to take the test in our testing room, using our computers, during our regular open hours.
I’m taking an online class at another college. Can you proctor exams for other schools?
Yes. However, each college will have its own proctor requirements, so discuss this with your instructor and bring us the necessary information to set up communication with your instructor. We ask that you take the test in our testing room on our computers. You will need to take your tests during our regular open hours.
Can I use my own computer to take online tests?
No. For security reasons, we require students to use our computers that are set up in the testing room.

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Online Resources

Here are some resources that we have created to help you with a variety of academic needs.