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Bethany Curran

Admissions Counselor (Blue Zone)
Staff Part-Time
Ext. 2085
Department's Home Page

Admissions Zone: AL, ID, IL, LA, MT, ND, NM, NY, OH, SD, UT, WA, WI, MO (last name L-Z)

Personal Information:

Zone Map -- Blue

Ozark was never in my plans. That is until the summer after graduation when an Ozark camp team approached me at the North American Christian Convention and invited me to attend. I declined.

A month later, a second camp team spent a weekend at my house as they were passing through town. They invited me to attend but I declined.

Finally, after an Ozark van broke down on the interstate near my town, a third camp team crashed at my house. It was just two weeks before classes started in the fall, but they assured me that it wasn't too late to apply and they invited me to attend. I reconsidered.

All three teams welcomed me to Ozark, maybe once or twice verbally, but ultimately what attracted me was their unconditional love for one another and their radiant joy. I wanted whatever they had, so I followed them back to Ozark. I planned to attend only for a semester but I fell in love with the school, its mission and now I am in my fourth year.

My time here has been invaluable. This school has taught me so much about our King, His kingdom and my place in it.  The direction and quality of my life have radically changed because of what I have learned.  I am so thankful for this experience and I'm looking forward to the wonderful things that are coming in the year ahead.