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Taylor Ast

Admissions Counselor - Yellow Zone
Staff Part-Time
Ext. 2083
Department's Home Page

Admissions Zone: CO, CT, DC, GA, HI, IN, NH, NJ, OR, PA, RI, VT, MO (last name A-K)

Personal Information:

Zone Map -- Yellow

Hello friends! I'm Taylor Ast and I'm a junior here at Ozark Christian College. 

I have chosen to do the Co-Op program with Missouri Southern State University in Elementary Education. God has hit me with such a dramatic, but valuable change in life during these last 3 years. I committed my life to Jesus Christ halfway through my senior year of high school after never having attended church until that same school year. My youth minister, who baptized me, really pushed me to attend OCC, but I decided to stick with my plan of attending the college I had applied to originally. I had a full ride, was set to play softball, and planned to study Occupational Therapy. 

Halfway through my first semester at that college, I visited a friend at OCC one weekend.  Long story short,  we attended a nearby church and heard a touching sermon about building up idols and self-centered kingdoms, like the Tower of Babel.  God has a way of coming down and wiping that out to make you realize greater things. That was when I realized that school, sports, and comfort were my idols and I felt the Spirit leading me to find cleansing through Bible knowledge and strong Christian community at Ozark Christian College.  I immediately went home, filled out the transfer application for the spring semester, and the rest is history.