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Sammi Shultz

Admissions/Enrollment Services Assistant
Staff Part-Time
Ext. 2029
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Personal Information:

Ozark Christian College was always the obvious college choice for me. However, it wasn't part of MY plans. Being from Fort Scott, KS, a town only an hour away from Ozark, my home church sent students to Ozark left and right and being the independent girl that I was I wasn't going to be one of those students.  I thought I was going to pursue a theatre major so I began going on auditions. I actually received a generous scholarship from my first college choice.
However, even with that scholarship, money became a problem. Somewhere between auditions I decided to go on a Tuesday Tour- most likely to get out of school for a day. I decided to complete the application process just to be safe. So, by the end of my senior year of high school OCC was the only option left open. I told myself I would go for a semester and then transfer to a college that I really wanted to go to.
Now I am in my fourth year here at OCC and I couldn't be happier. I am pursuing a degree in Biblical Communication for Women. God used my love for the theatre stage and transferred that to the pulpit. God has given me a clear mission to speak His good Truth into the lives of young women. I am so thankful for the path which led me here to Ozark to increase my Love for the Lord, mature my faith, and equip me well for the mission God has for me.  I even got an amazing and Godly husband out of the deal!