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Rick and Nancy Jett

2012 Seth Wilson Outstanding Alumni Award

Rick and Nancy Jett 2

Rick & Nancy came to Ozark as students from Bethel, Ohio and Marion, Indiana.  Rick graduate in 1978 and Nancy graduated in 1979.  They were married on Feb. 2, 1980, with Ziden Nutt performing the wedding in Marion, IN. Their first ministry together was at Galesburg Christian Church in Galesburg, Kansas.  He preached there for 8 years. They moved to Marion, Indiana in 1984 and ministered at the Marion Church of Christ for 18 years as the preaching minister.

Rick began serving in Jan. of 1986 on the board of directors of IDES [International Disaster Emergency Service].  He was later elected as chairman of the board in 1993 & served in that capacity for the next nine years.  In January of 2002, Rick was appointed Executive Director of I.D.E.S.   Nancy has always been heavily involved in the ministry of I.D.E.S.

I.D.E.S. has ministered in over 100 countries all over the world.  Just in 2011 alone, I.D.E.S. worked with 118 ministry partners to carry out 231 projects in the U.S.A. and 34 different foreign countries.

OCC President Matt Proctor congratulates the Jett’s by saying, “Ever since sin infected Earth’s operating system, we have lived on a malfunctioning planet. Tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes.  In a deeply hurting world, Rick and Nancy Jett have brought the healing love of Christ.  Through their leadership of International Disaster Emergency Services, they have stepped into the aftermath of catastrophes around the world.  Thank you both for your example of compassionate service, international leadership, and gospel ministry.  We are grateful to God for you!”

Congratulations Rick and Nancy!