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Woody and Rose Wilkinson

2012 Seth Wilson Outstanding Alumni Award

Wilkinson 2

Woody came to study at Ozark from Moline, IL.  Rose came from near Dodge City, KS.  They met at Ozark in the fall of 1962.  On July 16, 1965 they were married with Roy Weece performing the ceremony.

Woody & Rose served faithfully in local church ministry for over twenty-five years and have served at their alma mater for the past nineteen years.  Rose served as a Christian school secretary while they served in St. Ann, Missouri ... and she has been a long-time encourager of so, so many family & friends.  Rose has an amazing card ministry -- sending over one thousand five hundred different cards annually.

Woody earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in 2007.  He & Rose also battled through a very tough year in 2010.   Woody was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2010  and the following months were extremely difficult, with two surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy.  Throughout this time, he continued teaching his classes.  They received the good news in July of 2010 that he was "cancer free."

OCC President Matt Proctor wrote, "The word that comes to mind when I think of Woody and Rose is 'heart.'  Of course we all know Woody has a great big brain.  The man is a voracious reader, and he inhales books the way the rest of us take in food.  But the one thing bigger than Woody's brain is his heart.  He genuinely cares for people.  That was true when he served in local church ministry, and it’s true of his teaching ministry at Ozark.   He has prayed with, laughed with and loved on generations of students, and so has his wife, sweet Rose.  Her smiling presence in the OCC bookstore was a daily encouragement to all who passed through, and her ministry of birthday cards is a wonder to behold.   Jesus said that the world will know that we are his disciples if we love one another, so Woody and Rose, thank you for loving so well.  We are grateful that God saved and sanctified you.  May He keep you happy on your way to heaven!"

Congratulations Woody & Rose!