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Greek Word Study - New

Happy New Year!
If you expect your new year to be just another year like the past ones, the Greek word for “new” would be neos (NEH oss). This word meant “new” only in the sense of being more recent. No real difference in the nature of the thing was implied.

But if you expect your new year to be totally new and unprecedented, the Greek word would be kainos (ky NOSS). This word stressed the marvelous new nature of whatever was genuinely novel and new.

It is interesting that the New Testament nearly always uses kainos (totally new and unprecedented) to describe what Jesus has made possible. From the very beginning those who heard Jesus recognized that he had a NEW teaching.1 By the shedding of his blood he made a NEW covenant2 and opened the NEW and living way3 to the Father. In Christ we are NEW creatures4 who walk in NEWNESS of life.5 We put on the NEW man,6 keep the NEW commandment,7 and are continually RENEWED day by day.8 The oldness of the letter of the law is replaced by the NEWNESS of the Spirit.9

What is more, we can now look forward to a NEW heaven. and a NEW earth10 where we will live in the NEW Jerusalem.11 We will be told the NEW name12 and we will sing a NEW song13 to Him who sits on the throne and says, “Behold, I make all things NEW”!14

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