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Greek Word Study - Beautiful

Do you have beautiful feet? I mean beautiful in the Biblical sense of the word: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who proclaim good news” (Romans 10:15).
The Greek word for beautiful in this passage is horaios (ho RYE oss). It comes from the word hora which meant an hour, a time, a fitting season. In classical Greek this word horaios meant more than just pretty to look at—it was also used in these ways: (a) crops harvested at the right season, (b) ripe fruit, (c) a man in the prime of life, (d) a woman in the bloom of youth, (e) a maiden ready for marriage. Notice how the word includes these ideas: the right time . . . beautiful . . . ripe . . .productive.

In the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament this same word was used to describe: (a) every tree in Eden which was pleasing to the sight, Gen 2:9, (b) the beautiful Rebekah, Gen 26:7, (c) Rachel, who was beautiful of form and face, Gen 29:17, (d) handsome young Joseph, Gen 39:6, etc. Our Lord is said to be more horaios (fairer) than the sons of men in Psalm 45:2. Both the groom and the bride of Ecclesiastes are called horaios (1:16, 6:4). The beauty in this word lies in two main points: it is the right time and it is ready to produce.

The New Testament focuses all this meaning onto Romans 10:15. “How beautiful . . . are the feet of those who proclaim good news!” The proclaimer of God’s good news has the beauty of one who brings a fruit-producing message delivered at just the right time. May all the couriers of the Gospel read these words and run with a spring in their step—knowing they are as lovely as the trees of Eden: beautiful, timely, ready to produce!