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Supply Preaching / Seekers List

Does your church need a preacher to fill in for a while?

We help churches that are needing to fill their pulpit for just one or two weekends at a time or during interim periods. Contact us and let us know the dates for when you need someone to preach.

For Faculty Supply Preachers, contact Carla Billingsley at:
417.626.1234 Ext. 2046

For Student Supply Preachers, contact Krystin Stroud at:
417.626.1234 Ext. 2019

Are you an individual seeking a ministry position?

We keep a list of individuals who are in search of a ministry position. Just call or email to let us know who you are and what you're looking for. Please note this list is not published, but is released to churches upon request.

To be added to the list, contact Carla Billingsley.
417.626.1234 Ext. 2046​

You may also be interested in browsing the Ministry Openings List for available ministry positions.