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Alumni Preaching Scholarships

2013 Preaching Scholarship RecipientsThe Ozark Christian College Alumni Association has created and proudly sponsors two preaching scholarships in honor of two outstanding preachers who have served at Ozark: Don DeWelt  and Ken Idleman. Both scholarships were established with initial grants from the annual Alumni Project.

These monies were put into a permanent fund and money from the annual project is added yearly. Family members of Don and Ken, as well as several other people, have contributed to these permanent funds. The scholarships are awarded from the interest money generated. Two scholarships are awarded from each preaching scholarship each year, one for the fall semester and one for the spring.

Students fill out an application and apply for the scholarships. The decision of the recipients is made by the OCC preaching faculty.

 Don DeWelt 1969Don DeWelt was an outstanding evangelist and teacher. He taught at Ozark from 1957 to 1985. Don spoke for many revivals and conferences around the country and was known for his teaching on the Holy Spirit. Don and his wife, Elsie, founded College Press, a Christian book publishing company in Joplin. The scholarship was established in 1992 after his passing in 1991. 

Alumni Awards - Ken IdlemanKen Idleman became an OCC faculty member in 1973 and was selected as president elect in 1977. Upon the retirement of Don Earl Boatman, Ken became president of OCC in 1979. He served in this role for 27 years until 2006. He has traveled all over the country preaching for revivals, conferences and conventions and thus is widely known and respected for his preaching. In 1995 Ken served as President of the North American Christian Convention. The scholarship was set up in his honor in 2005 as he had served at that time as president of Ozark for 25 years. He presently is the senior minister of Crossroads Christian Church in Newburgh, Indiana.

  Don DeWelt
Preaching Scholarship
Ken Idleman
Preaching Scholarship
Spring of 2015  Ryan Miller Philip Lowe
Fall of 2014  Justin Ebert  Scott Reed
Spring of 2013  Scott Reed Dalton Walker
Landon Justice
Spring of 2012  Michael Berry Steven Eyon
Kevin Gilchrist
Chaz Robbins
Fall of 2011  Ryan Ropp Bryce Hotchkiss
Sy Huffer
Spring of 2011  Austin Scott Ben Cross
Bryce Hotchkiss
Fall of 2010  Chaz Robbins Ben Cross
Bryce Hotchkiss
Spring of 2010  Jeremy Hyde Ben Cross
Fall of 2009  Brandon Kittle Ben Cross
Spring of 2009  Seth Philip Josh Frakes
Fall of 2008  Nathan Perry Daniel Koch
Spring of 2008  Jacob Gibbs Sean Cronin
Fall of 2007  Tyler Stewart Seth Philip
Spring of 2007  James Morrill Rocky Christensen
Fall of 2006  Sean Cronin Daniel McCoy
Spring of 2006  Andy Rodriguez Tyler Stewart
Fall of 2005  Anthony Casperson Dayne C.