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Irv Dally Evangelism Award

Past Recipients: 

2015 Daniel Finch and Logan Justice 2014 Ashley Carter Weece
2013 Chad Pickens 2012 Wayne Pease, Jr.
2011 James Mwirigi 2010 Tim Little
2009 Tresor Yenyi-Lungudi 2008 Stephen Muhota
2007 Josh Willis 2006 Ellen Wohlenhaus
2005 Steven Anderson 2004 Anna Link
2003 Sergio Rizo 2002 Jeremy Bacon and Steve Hildebrand
2001 Beth Binney 2000 Matt Umbarger
1999 Art Matheny 1998 Jason Casey
1997 Jon Weece 1996 Melissa Brandes
1995 Phil M. 1994 Jim Riley
1993 Darrin King 1992 Scott Mathews
1991 Roger Twitchell 1990 Nonato Silva
1989 Dru Ashwell 1988 Vonda Bland
1987 Joel Khopang 1986 Stephen Spear
1985 Kevin D. 1984 Cassandra Jones
1983 Randall Smelser 1982 David Allen
1981 Randall Hies 1980 Dudley Rutherford
1979 Daniel Parry  

Each year, by a vote of the senior class, one of their members is recognized for their work during their college days in the field of evangelism.  The evangelism award is named after Irv Dally, an outstanding evangelist, former member of the OCC Board of Trustees and former minister of Blendville Christian Church in Joplin.  It was first presented in 1979.

The award is sponsored by the Alumni Association and is presented during the last chapel in the spring semester by Irv Dally's widow, Betty, and Dru Ashwell, Alumni Director.

Alumni Awards - Irv DallyIrv Dally graduated from Ozark with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1960.  In 1963 he began serving as minister of the Joplin's Blendville Christian Church.  He was elected a trustee of the school in June of 1967.  Irv passed away on November 9, 1976.

The December, 1976, issue of the OCC ALumni Review states, "Irv was a trustee of Ozark at the time of his death and served as President of our Association in 1964.   He was an active member of the Association, served as a member of various committees, and always exhibited an eagerness to serve the Association ministry any way he could.   Memorial services were conducted by Maurice Hinds, a classmate and close friend, and Don Earl Boatman."

The Irv Dally Evangelism Award was set up at that time. The Alumni Review shared the information in that same issue, "The executive committee has authorized the institution of an annual Alumni Association Evangelism Award to be given in Irv's memory and will be presented each year to a student minister for excellence in evangelism, which was the 'trademark' of Irv Dally's ministry."

Irv and his wife, Betty, had two sons who graduated from Ozark, Tim, BSL '80, and Mike, BBL/SLC/BSC '81.