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Dick Gibson Alumni Service Award

Alumni Awards - Dick Gibson

This award was established in 1999 and was named in honor of alumnus Dick Gibson. He and his family had given untold hours of service to the college in their work with the Final Exam Survival Kit Committee. This award was designed to honor dedicated servants of the Lord who give exemplary volunteer work to the college and her ministry.

Alumni Service Awards - 2007 B. A. Austin

B. A. Austin

For his faithful humble life dedicated to our God, for his faithful servant ministry to the church, and for his outstanding volunteer service to Ozark Christian College as a member and leader on the trustee board for 25 years.

Alumni Service Awards - 2004 Joe and Faye Wilson

Joe & Faye Wilson

For their exemplary volunteer work with OCC in helping to build the Missionary Residence and Hospitality House and their continuing work with World Mission Builders.

Alumni Service Awards - 2002 Colby Green

Colby Green

For exemplary volunteer work with the OCC music department productions fixing, building and running errands. He has always been "a good man to have around!"

Alumni Service Awards - 2001 Dale Storms

Dale Storms

For exemplary volunteer work on the OCC Board of Trustees for twenty-nine years and involvement with the Campus Redevelopment Program.

Alumni Service Awards - 2000 Herbert Casteel

Herbert Casteel

For exemplary volunteer work on the OCC Board of Trustees for thirty-four years providing legal counsel, accountability, stability and profound wisdom.

Alumni Service Awards - 1999 Ned Heidner

Ned Heidner

For exemplary volunteer work with sound and lighting for OCC music department productions.

We appreciate Ned in loving memory, as he lost his battle with cancer and gained his victory with Christ in October, 1999.