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Alumni Association Awards

The Ozark Christian College Alumni Association presents or sponsors several awards each year.
The recipients are selected by the alumni officers according to the guidelines for each award.

 Alumni Awards - Seth Wilson 

Seth Wilson Outstanding Alumnus Award

The Seth Wilson Outstanding Alumnus Award is presented annually at the Alumni Banquet to alumni who have excelled in their chosen field of service for our Lord. It is named in honor of OCC's founding academic dean, Seth Wilson.

 Alumni Awards - Dick Gibson 

Dick Gibson Alumni Service Award

The Dick Gibson Alumni Service Award was established in 1999 and was named in honor of alumnus Dick Gibson. He and his family had given untold hours of service to the college in their work with the Finals Week Care Package Committee. This award was designed to honor dedicated servants of the Lord who give exemplary volunteer work to the college and her ministry.

 Alumni Awards - Irv Dally 

Irv Dally Evangelism Award

Each year, by a vote of the senior class, one of their members is recognized for their work during their college days in the field of evangelism. The Irv Dally Evangelism Award is named after Irv Dally, an outstanding evangelist, former member of the OCC Board of Trustees and former minister of Blendville Christian Church in Joplin. It was first presented in 1979.

 Alumni Awards - Ken Idleman 

Ken Idleman and Don DeWelt Preaching Scholarships

The Ozark Christian College Alumni Associations has created and proudly sponsors two preaching scholarships in honor of two outstanding preachers who have served at Ozark: Don DeWelt and Ken Idleman. Both scholarships were established with initial grants from the annual Alumni Project.