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OCC Faculty/Staff

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Sorted by Last Name, First Name

Ackerman_MikeAckerman, Mike
Faculty/Bible and Ministry
Ext. 2657

Aldridge_DougAldridge, Doug
Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean
Ext. 2021

Allmoslecher_TonyAllmoslecher, Tony
Women’s Volleyball Coach

417.358.3912 Ext. 230

Alia AlzyoudAlzyoud, Alia
Admissions Counselor (Blue Zone)
Ext. 2085

Ashwell_DruAshwell, Dru
Vice President of Alumni Relations, Professor
Ext. 2106

Trevor BachofnerBachofner, Trevor
Admissions Counselor - Green Zone
Ext. 2089

Baker_TeresaBaker, Teresa
Student Life/Food Services/Director
Ext. 2300

Balentine_KimBalentine, Kim
Financial Aid/Director
Ext. 2032

Balu_BethanyBalu, Bethany
Admissions/Enrollment Services Assistant
Ext. 2029

Bare_JaneBare, Jane
Student Life/Afternoon Receptionist & Switchboard
Ext. 2002

Bearden_PattiBearden, Patti
Business Office/Student Accounts
Ext. 2024

Berry, Katie
Athletics/Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach


Bierbaum_JerriBierbaum, Jerri
Physical Plant/Secretary
Ext. 2200

Billings_MarkBillings, Mark
Physical Plant/HVAC
Ext. 2606

Billingsly, CarlaBillingsley, Carla
Development/Data Management

Rachel BontragerBontrager, Rachel
Development/Administrative Assistant for Accreditation
Ext. 2023

Bowers_KathyBowers, Kathy
Executive Assistant to the President
Ext. 2004

Bowland_TerryBowland, Dr.  Terry
Faculty/New Testament and Ministry
Ext. 2408

Branstine_LaceyBranstine, Lacey
Financial Aid/Counselor
Ext. 2043

Brust_KelseyBrust, Kelsey
Student Life/Assistant Coordinator of Life Groups
Ext. 2107

Buckland_PeterBuckland, Peter
Faculty/Christian Education and Family Ministry
Ext. 2652

Butler_JeremyButler, Jeremy
Athletics/Cross Country Coach

Butler_MarleyButler, Marley
Admissions/Associate of Recruitment Services
Ext. 2030

Camp_DelCamp, Del
Student Life/Dennis Hall Residence Director

Ext. 2602

Camp_KimCamp, Kim
Student Life/Dennis Hall Residence Director

Ext. 2602

Christian_MarkChristian, Mark

Claborn_RyanClaborn, Ryan

Cundall_KaceeCundall, Kacee
Intercultural Studies/Intern
Ext. 2502

Dalrymple_JimDalrymple, Jim
Vice President of College Relations/Professor of NT and Church Leadership
Ext. 2104

Davidson_DanielleDavidson, Danielle
Food Services/Cook
Ext. 2300

Davis_BrianDavis, Bryan
Physical Plant/Custodial
Ext. 2203

DeFazio_MichaelDeFazio, Michael
Faculty/New Testament and Hermeneutics
Ext. 2660

Caleb DeRoinDeRoin, Caleb
Admissions/Campus Host
Ext. 2022

Dewell_JustinDewell, Justin
Preaching Department/Student Assistant
Ext. 2723

DeWelt_ChrisDeWelt, Dr.  Chris
Director of Intercultural Studies, Faculty/New Testament
Ext. 2503

Dickey_MattDickey, Matt
Technology/IT/Web Development, Network Specialist & Tech Support
Ext. 2111

Duley_RickieDuley, Rickie
Athletic Office/Assistant
Ext. 2303

Eaton_EmeriEaton, Emeri
Frontline and Chapel Services/Student Assistant
Ext. 2405

Engelbrecht_JayEngelbrecht, Jay
Faculty/English and Physical Education
Ext. 2507

Engelbrecht_SharonEngelbrecht, Sharon
Student Life/Counselor, Faculty/Counseling
Ext. 2050

English_JillEnglish, Jill
College Relations/Administrative Assistant to the VP of College Relations
Ext. 2100

Eubanks_LindaEubanks, Linda
Development Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2031

Sal FarleyFarley, Sal
College Relations/Student Assistant
Ext. 2108

Fish_DavidFish, David
Faculty/Greek, LMS Administrator
Ext. 2716

Fluharty_DelbertaFluharty, Delberta
Library/Audio-Visual Supervisor
Ext. 2712

Fluharty_KurtFluharty, Kurt
Technology/IT/Electronic Technician, Infra-structure & Tech Support
Ext. 2152

Funderburgh_GinaFunderburgh, Gina
Food Services/Cook

Ext. 2300

Gardner_MaryAliceGardner, Mary Alice
Faculty/Deaf Communications
Ext. 2505

Julie GarissGariss, Julie
Student Life/Director of the Life and Ministry Preparation Center (LAMP)
Ext. 2390

Randy GarissGariss, Randy
Student Life/Director of the Life and Ministry Preparation Center (LAMP)
Ext. 2390

Garner_TomGarner, Tom
Technology/IT/Special Project Assistant & Tech Support
Ext. 2055

Giltner_PaulaGiltner, Paula
College Relations/Artist
Ext. 2659

Greer_JudyGreer, Judy
Food Services/Assistant Dessert Cook

Ext. 2300

Greer_KevinGreer, Kevin
Faculty/Student Ministries; Director of Youth Ministry Relations
Ext. 2035

Griffin_GeraldGriffin, Gerald
Faculty/Speech and Old and New Testament
Ext. 2506

Hafer_GregHafer, Greg
Faculty/Speech and Christian Life
Ext. 2513

Hall_TabithaHall, Tab
Athletics/Women's Basketball Coach


Handley_KarlaHandley, Karla
Faculty/English and Worship/Part-Time
Ext. 2411

Handley_ScottHandley, Scott
Faculty/Director of Worship Department
Ext. 2404

Hawkins_MindiHawkins, Mindi
Intercultural Studies/Intern
Ext. 2502

Hayward_RhondaHayward, Rhonda
Student Life/Goodman Hall Residence Director

Ext. 2601

Hayward_SteveHayward, Steve
Student Life/Goodman Hall Residence Director

Ext. 2601

Heath_BobHeath, Bob
Bookstore Manager / Purchasing Agent
Ext. 2351

Helms_RebeccaHelms, Rebecca
Physical Plant/Custodial
Ext. 2203

Henderson_HowellHenderson, Howell
Physical Plant/Maintenance
Ext. 2202

Holt_MatthewHolt, Matthew
Ext. 2412

Humbyrd_VirgilHumbyrd, Virgil
Physical Plant/Grounds Supervisor
Ext. 2206

Hunter_JohnHunter, John
Ext. 2708

Hurley, DenaHurley, Dena
Academics/Online Enrollment Services Coordinator
Ext. 2048

Hurley_TravisHurley, Travis
Vice President of Development

Josiah JavierJavier, Josiah
Admissions/Counselor - Orange Zone

Olivia JohnsonJohnson, Olivia
Admissions/Campus Host
Ext. 2022

Jones_GraceJones, Grace
College Relations/Events Student Assistant
Ext. 2102

Kakac_JudieKakac, Judie
Student Life/Alumni Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2600

Kehrer_JonKehrer, Jon
Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages
Ext. 2717

King_DarrinKing, Darrin
Faculty/New Testament and Intercultural Studies
Ext. 2500

Lahm_ChrisLahm, Chris
Athletic Director/Men’s Basketball Coach
Ext. 2301

Lahm_DawnLahm, Dawn
Administrative Assistant to Student Life

Landers_WadeLanders, Wade
Faculty/Intercultural Studies

Lantz_CharleneLantz, Charlene
Ext. 2350

Larsson_LisaLarsson, Lisa
Admissions/Campus Visit Coordinator
Ext. 2081

Lawson_LindaLawson, Linda
Faculty/Christian Education, Women’s and Children’s Ministries
Ext. 2706

Lawson_TomLawson, Dr.  Tom
Faculty/New Testament, History, Worship
Ext. 2728

Lazarus_JanusLazarus, Janus
Library/Technical Services Assistant
Ext. 2709

Lindsay_JodyLindsay, Jody
Co-op Advisor & Liaison, Faculty/Christian Education
Ext. 2062

Lindsay_ShawnLindsay, Shawn
Dean of Online Learning, Faculty/Christian Education
Ext. 2007

Lynn_MeridithLynn, Meridith
Worship Department/Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2400

Malone_AmyMalone, Amy

Marcum_JimMarcum, Jim
Faculty/Distance Learning Facilitator

Martin, KendallMartin, Kendall
Intercultural Studies/Intern
Ext. 2509

McCarty_BillMcCarty, Bill
Physical Plant/Custodial
Ext. 2203

McCarty_GlendaMcCarty, Glenda
Food Services/Salad Cook

Ext. 2300

McCarty_TyMcCarty, Ty
Technology/IT/Webmaster, Student ID Cards & Tech Support
Ext. 2101

McMillin_DavidMcMillin, David
Campus Operations/Vice President
Ext. 2028

McMillin_JenniferMcMillin, Jennifer
Registrar, Faculty
Ext. 2018

Michael_DeloresMichael, Delores
Food Services/Snack Bar and Operations Supervisor
Ext. 2300

Miller_DougMiller, Doug
Vice President of Effectiveness and General Counsel
Ext. 2011

Morgan_WhitneyMorgan, Whitney
Business Office/Bookkeeper
Ext. 2025

Morrow_BeckyMorrow, Becky
Financial Aid/Counselor
Ext. 2027

Gregg MurdockMurdock, Gregg
Student Life/Williamson Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2604

SuSan MurdockMurdock, SuSan
Student Life/Williamson Hall Residence Director
Ext. 2604

Negron_AshleyNegron, Ashley
Director of Enrollment Services
Ext. 2033

Nelson_TammyNelson, Tammy
Ext. 2434

Nelson_TroyNelson, Troy
Enrollment Management/Vice President, Faculty/Christian Life
Ext. 2006

Osborne_NatalieOsborne, Natalie
Learning Center/Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2725

Rachel OwsleyOwsley, Rachel
Admissions/Campus Host
Ext. 2022

Payne_AaronPayne, Aaron
Worship/Technical Coordinator
Ext. 2406

Pease_WaynePease, Wayne
Physical Plant/Custodial
Ext. 2203

Pechawer_LarryPechawer, Dr.  Larry
Faculty/Old Testament and Hebrew
Ext. 2705

Petersen, Rob
Faculty/Adjunct Professor

Phelps_TylerPhelps, Tyler
Food Services/Cook

Ext. 2300

Piercy_JustinPiercy, Justin
Technology/IT/Tech Support
Ext. 2156

Piercy_Lea_AnnPiercy, Lea Ann
Student Life/Boatman Hall Resident Director
Ext. 2605

Piercy_MitchPiercy, Mitch
Ext. 2150

Pommert_RobPommert, Rob
Ext. 2433

Proctor_LydiaProctor, Lydia
College Relations/Events Student Assistant
Ext. 2102

Proctor_MattProctor, Matt
President of Ozark Christian College, Faculty/New Testament and Preaching
Ext. 2004

Ragsdale_ChadRagsdale, Chad
Assistant Academic Dean, FacultyBible
Ext. 2103

Richardson_DonnaRichardson, Donna
Business Office/Accounts Payable
Ext. 2020

Robertson_JeffRobertson, Jeff
Faculty (part-time)/Coordinator of Consortium for Christian Online Education

Shane RobisonRobison, Shane
Admissions Counselor - Red Zone
Ext. 2090

Rojas_DianaRojas, Diana
Mail Center/Coordinator
Ext. 2380

Runyon_TimRunyon, Tim
Physical Plant/Director
Ext. 2201

Sargent_CherylSargent, Cheryl
Financial Aid/Counselor
Ext. 2017

Scantlin_LindaScantlin, Linda
Bookstore/Assistant Manager, Purchasing Clerk
Ext. 2352

Schaeffer, MarcusSchaeffer, Marcus
Admissions/Campus Host
Ext. 2022

Scheuermann_JessicaScheuermann, Jessica
Director of the Learning Center
Ext. 2707

Scheuermann_RyanScheuermann, Ryan
Physical Plant/Carpenter
Ext. 2205

Scott, MarkScott, Mark
Faculty/Preaching and New Testament, Director of Preaching
Ext. 2723

Shoemake_MonteShoemake, Monte
Vice President and Dean of Student Life, Faculty/Christian Life
Ext. 2012

Skaggs_RonSkaggs, Ron
Faculty/Creation & Science and History
Ext. 2302

Sloneker_MarkSloneker, Mark
Library/Associate Director, Cataloger, Faculty/History
Ext. 2713

Sloneker_MindySloneker, Mindy
Library/Circulation Supervisor
Ext. 2700

Grace SmithSmith, Grace
Admissions/Counselor - Silver Zone

Spikereit_DamienSpikereit, Damien
Executive Vice President, Faculty/Preaching and New Testament
Ext. 2052

Stafford_JoyStafford, Joy
Faculty/TESOL Coordinator
Ext. 2416

Stafford_MattStafford, Matt
Faculty/Frontline Director, Chapel, Worship Arts and Campus Ministry
Ext. 2403

Stammer_KathyStammer, Kathy
Business Office/Accountant
Ext. 2016

Stanley, PaulaStanley, Paula
Assistant Registrar
Ext. 2015

Stanley_SarahStanley, Sarah
Food Services/Cook
Ext. 2300

Stansberry_JerryStansberry, Jerry
Physical Plant/Custodial Supervisor
Ext. 2203

Storms_AmyStorms, Amy
Strong Hall Residence Director (Full-Time) and Director of Marketing (Part-Time)
Ext. 2603 (dorm) & 2008 (College Relations)

Storms_AndyStorms, Andy
Student Life/Strong Hall RD, Mabee Student Center Manager, Asst. Soccer Coach
Ext. 2370

Stroud_KrystinStroud, Krystin
The Ministry Center Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2019

Taylor_KristinTaylor, Kristin
Admissions/Applications Processor

Ext. 2088

Thamert_JolynnThamert, Jolynn
Food Services/Director's Assistant

Ext. 2300

Thompson_KarenThompson, Karen
Food Services/Cashier

Ext. 2300

Towne_JoanneTowne, Joanne
Food Services/Breakfast and Alternative Line Cook
Ext. 2300

Trotter_JamieTrotter, Jamie
Admissions/Recruitment Services Assistant
Ext. 2034

Nick VaccaVacca, Nick
Admissions Counselor - Yellow Zone
Ext. 2083

Walker, Skip
Athletics/Assistant Men's Basketball Coach


Wallis_JaniceWallis, Janice
Morning Receptionist/Switchboard

Ext. 0

Wammack_WillieWammack, Willie
Physical Plant/Custodial
Ext. 2206

Weaver_RileyWeaver, Riley
Intercultural Studies/Intern
Ext. 2502

Welch_DougWelch, Doug
Professor of New Testament & Doctrine; Program Coordinator for Christian Formation major
Ext. 2651

Welch_LyleWelch, Lyle
Ext. 2717

Welch_TeresaWelch, Teresa
Faculty/Christian Education and Ministry
Ext. 2045

Wendt_KarlWendt, Karl

Wendt_ShannonWendt, Shannon

West_BobWest, Bob
Physical Plant/Custodial
Ext. 2203

Wheat_GaryWheat, Gary
Data Processing/Coordinator
Ext. 2010

Whisman, Kevin

White_AnnieWhite, Annie
Student Life Office Assistant

Ext. 2013

White, ChrisWhite, Chris
Director of Online Course Development
Ext. 2711

White_LisaWhite, Lisa
Student Life/Associate Dean of Students, Faculty/Business
Ext. 2014

Whyte_SusanWhyte, Susan
Development/Project Manager
Ext. 2023

Wilkinson_WoodyWilkinson, Dr.  Woody
Development/Church Relations Liaison
Ext. 2504

Wilson_JustinWilson, Justin
Physical Plant/Maintenance Supervisor

Ext. 2202

Witte_BobWitte, Bob
Faculty, Director of the Ministry Center
Ext. 2058

Witte_LisaWitte, Lisa
Executive Assistant to the Academic Dean
Ext. 2121

Wolfe_JeremeyWolfe, Jeremey
Student Life/Counselor
Ext. 2044

Wood, Sara photoWood, Sara
Student Life/Campus Nurse, Faculty/Nursing
Ext. 2360

Wood_ShaneWood, Shane J.
Professor of New Testament Studies; Director of the B.Th. New Testament Program
Ext. 2661

Wood_TammyWood, Tammy
Intercultural Studies/Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2502

Zustiak_GaryZustiak, Dr.  Gary
Ext. 2715