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How To Apply: High School Students

Application Check List

Check mark  Application (Apply Online) Check mark  SAT I or ACT Score Report (if not included on high school transcript) with a composite of score of 20 or higher, OR meet the requirements of the sliding scale as found on our Academic Requirements page.
Check mark  $30 Application Fee   Check mark  Employer/Teacher Reference (Online or PDF)
Check mark  High School Transcript  Check mark  Minister/Church Leader Reference (Online or PDF)
Check mark  College/University Transcript for college classes taken for dual credit.   Check mark  Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), if applying for financial aid
     Check mark   Code of Honor (Online or  PDF) 

Each item on this check list needs to be turned in before you will be considered for full acceptance at Ozark Christian College. If you have any questions about these items, please refer to the explanations below.

High School Student Links  



  • Application Form. You may apply online (Requires a free account with NGWeb Solutions), or you may send all of your application materials by mail. 
  • Code of Honor. Please complete and submit the Code of Honor (Online or PDF).  
  • Application Fee. $30 (non-refundable) must accompany your application. Your check or money order should be made payable to Ozark Christian College. If it represents a financial hardship to you and your family, please ask your guidance or college counselor to request a fee waiver from Ozark on your behalf.
  • Transcript. The decision for admittance can be made based on semester grades through the sixth semester of the Junior year; however, once accepted ALL high school seniors are required to submit an official copy of their final high school transcript that verifies their graduation date.  
    • DUAL CREDIT: Students desiring credit for dual credit classes need to submit an official college transcript from the college/university where the dual credit was received. An "official transcript" includes an original signature of school official(s) or the school seal on the transcript and is sent directly from the school or is submitted to Admissions in an envelope sealed by the school. Copied, faxed or "Issued to Student" transcripts will be considered unofficial.
    • AP CREDIT: Students seeking credit for AP classes can find our AP credit policy at Ozark Christian College link on the College Board page. To receive credit for the AP class, please request AP transcripts from College Board to be sent to Ozark Christian College.
    • HOMESCHOOL: Homeschooled students must provide authentic documentation from their Department of Education or their homeschool organization showing satisfactory completion of their education through the twelfth grade. A notarized original of the student's transcript of grades signed by the parent(s) is acceptable to meet enrollment requirements. A GED certificate is also acceptable. Homeschooled students will also need to complete and mail in a Home School Self-certification Form.
  • Admission Tests. You are required to submit your scores on the SAT I or the ACT and have a composite score of 20 or higher, OR meet the requirements of the sliding scale as found on our Academics Requirements Page. You may ask that your scores be sent to us directly or they may be reported on your secondary school transcript. Ozark's ACT number is 2279; our SAT number is 6542. 
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  • References. Complete the top portion of the Teacher/Employer Reference (Online or PDF) and the Minister/Church Leader Reference (Online or PDF), and give it to a teacher and minister who has worked with you during your junior or senior year. If you wish to submit another recommendation from a teacher, coach, or club adviser, you may do so.
  • Acceptance. We will notify you by letter if any required portion of your application is missing. You will be advised of the Admission Committee's decision within one month of the date your application is complete. If you are admitted to Ozark and plan to enroll, you must make a $100 deposit by August 5th. If you have any questions about your application progress, you may contact the Admissions Office by e-mail at Admissions@OCC.edu, or phone 417.626.1234 ext. 2022.
  • Students who Struggle with Academics. The transition from high school academics to college academics can be difficult for some students. To help students make the transition to college academics a high school student may be required to enroll under the status of "Study Skills." A student will enter under this status if 2 of 3 criteria are met: 1) ACT composite of 17 or below; 2) ACT English score of 17 or below; or 3) cumulative GPA of 2.5 or below. Under the "Study Skills" status the student will be permitted to take a maximum class load of 12 semester hours in addition to Study Skills. To learn more about Study Skills, please go to The Learning Center page to become familiar with the helpful services they offer.

Financial Aid. Having made application for Admission, now is the time to apply for financial aid. Begin by educating yourself on the basics of financial aid and complete the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). OCC's school code for the FAFSA is 015569.  

The Richardson Dean's Scholarship  

Students considering application to this scholarship must complete a separate application form. Please visit the scholarship's web site and fill out the onlne scholarship application.


High school students with Advanced Placement (AP) credit can learn about transferability by going to OCC.edu/APcredit